Shanghai bo au sports development co., LTD. (BMA China belongs to the group's style letter plate, is a collection of investment, operation and management of international high quality resources, development of sports industry company, the company as the international boxing federation (AIBA) sole business operations in greater China, international QuanLian system under the competitions of all resources (AOB, APB, station WSB) all commercial rights and interests in the greater China area. At the same time, it is also the boxing taekwondo sports management center of the general administration of sport of China and the official business cooperation organization of China boxing association, which jointly hold the national boxing championship and jointly create the national boxing event IP -- China boxing championship. The main business includes promotion of boxing events at home and abroad, investment and operation of clubs, boxing players' agent, copyright management, boxing training, Internet + boxing community, etc.
    The company is committed to through close cooperation with the national authorities, and actively respond to the relevant national reform and development of sports industry policy guidance, conforming to the trend of the development of the professional boxing, help Chinese boxing win honor for our country, the Olympic achieve plan, explore boxing socialization, marketization and the professional development path, establish Chinese boxing market order and industry specifications. Meanwhile, combined with our own resource advantages and professional operation and management team, we will strive to rapidly promote professional boxing in China and create a brand of professional boxing with wonderful charm. Explore the huge commercial value of boxing market, and open up the broad prospect of Chinese boxing; To become a world-class boxing promotion enterprise and help the reform and development of the national sports industry.
    At present, the company has established business entities and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, xiamen, Hong Kong and other places. In recent years, successively and guizhou, guangdong, xinjiang and other government units established a strategic cooperative partnership, and in Harbin, xi 'an, zibo, qujing, fuzhou, wuhan, guiyang, foshan, zhongshan, xiamen, tianjin, sanya and so on more than 10 cities accumulated nearly a boxing events, company annual investment cost of the event promotion and so on many accumulated nearly 200 million yuan, at the same time the company and guizhou, xinjiang, such as team cooperation to create a boxing club, through money and resources for domestic fighter training and competition to create better software and hardware conditions and opportunities for training, communication and competition at home and abroad, And in the boxer training and planning to invest more than 30 million.

(I) core business
    The company aims to become the sports company with the monopoly resources of boxing (fighting) program in the Chinese market and the highest market share. With the creation of its own commercial events and star IP, international top boxing event IP operates in China, and realizes the whole industrial chain operation with high added value of IP by means of broadcast production, commercial development and professional data. At the same time, I conducted the operation of Internet community in the vertical field of boxing project and the training certification and assessment business of China boxing association, and mastered the online and offline traffic entrance of domestic boxing audiences. Then the integration of upstream and downstream resources, the formation of boxing ecological circle of the closed loop.
    At present, the company has formed five core business lines, which are matched with the relevant business of organization and organization operation and management. Shanghai bomeng sports development co., ltd. and its branch are responsible for the operation and management of international and domestic IP events; Three boxing club companies focus on player brokerage and promotion; As the entity of China boxing federation, zhongquan sports co., ltd. will assume the working functions after the materialization of China boxing association in the future.
    1. Event operation: cooperate with the authorities to build the top competition platform in China, and integrate the internal and external systems, domestic and overseas to form a complete competition system;
    2. Star agent: the three boxing clubs of the company gather all the excellent fighters in China, focusing on the training, packaging and promotion of boxing stars;
    3. Community operation: build the most popular and active Internet community platform in China, and integrate upstream and downstream resources and audience in vertical fields;
    4. Training and certification: China boxing association has established the domestic boxing training assessment and certification system, and sorted out the domestic boxing training market and club resources.
    5. Sports complex: the company combines the financial, real estate and other resources, teams, channels and capital advantages of the group to jointly build and operate urban sports service complex.
    (2) business leaders
    Wu di, male, han nationality, deputy to the 13th National People's Congress of fujian province, deputy chairman of xiamen city of minjian city, doctor of economics of renmin university of China.
    Fuxin group co., LTD., chairman and President, China minsheng bank directors, hangzhou bank directors, adjunct professor of school of economics, renmin university of China, the international boxing federation (AIBA) commissioner, Asian boxing federation (ASBC), vice chairman, President of the presidium of the chamber of commerce in China's private economy international cooperation, fujian province federation of industry and commerce (general chamber of commerce) vice President, glorious career promotion association, vice chairman of fujian province, honorary President of the private enterprises in fujian province chamber of commerce.
    "BMA China is an important link between world boxing and Chinese boxing. We will try to promote the depth of the AIBA boxing products in China market development and promotion, we would like to work with the Chinese boxing management institution and all love boxing industry partners to cooperation, promote professional boxing rapidly in China, providing excellent boxing tournament, boxing by mining the huge commercial value, inspire the Chinese boxing market potential, and partners share the charming Chinese boxing, Chinese boxing co-creation of broad prospects.
-- chairman wu di
    (3) cooperative resources
    1. The exclusive business operation organization of the international boxing federation in greater China. The international boxing federation (AIBA) is the only official international boxing governing body in the world. AIBA is responsible for the administration and organization of boxing events including Olympic boxing matches, world boxing championships, intercontinental games boxing matches and intercontinental boxing championships. Its international boxing marketing group (BMA) is a global commercial operation company of the international boxing federation (AIBA), which owns the commercial promotion rights of all AIBA events.
Shanghai BMA sports development co., LTD. (BMA China), as the exclusive and exclusive agent of the international boxing federation in China, has the exclusive right to operate all the competitions (AOB, APB, WSB, etc.) under the international boxing federation system in China and the relevant commercial rights and interests. To promote the development of Olympic boxing in greater China by marketing and commercial means, including copyright, patent rights, sponsors and authorized products.
    2. Boxing taekwondo management center of general administration of sport of China and strategic partner of China boxing association. Shanghai bo au sports development co., LTD. (BMA China) in 2015 and the state general administration of sports boxing, tae kwon do sports management center, the Chinese boxing association formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, common in mainland China the boxing competition, to form a boxing training base in China, open an international boxing institute, strengthen the Chinese boxing international exchange programs, and vigorously cultivate reserve Chinese boxing for close cooperation. The company and China boxing association work together to promote the professionalization reform of China boxing, build China boxing alliance, launch China boxing championship, and jointly manage the development and promotion of all tangible assets, intangible assets and related extension products of China boxing association.
    3. Strategic partners of guizhou, guangdong, xinjiang, guangxi and other government departments. Shanghai bo au sports development co., LTD. (BMA China) and in guizhou, guangdong, xinjiang and other provinces and cities government departments reached a strategic cooperation agreement, game operations, boxer brokerage, club, sports training, training base construction and so on many business depth cooperation, help each province sports industry development, promoting provinces business card.

    Introduction of bomeng sports 2018 event (2019 event will be extended basically)
Group: 1. The world boxing league (station WSB) sponsored by the international QuanLian professional team, bo au sports companies acting kyushu, 2018 in nanning, guangxi and guizhou qingzhen three China race, by the Chinese boxing team for team China dragon team participated in the national competition in the group stage, respectively patriots against Russia, kazakhstan, wolves, tigers in India, and got good grades. With six group matches expected in 2019, including three home matches and three away matches, the Chinese dragon team will still play in the main team of the national team.
    2. The world boxing league (station WSB) global finals: station WSB QuanLian is international group was founded in 2010 professional event, is the guarantee of international QuanLian to maximize the interests of the athletes and the athletes to extend their career to the reform, at the same time also promote the development of the national boxing association, offers opportunities for the amateur top athletes to participate in professional competition, promote the level of the world boxing; We in March 2018 China don't held in nanning, guangxi and guizhou qingzhen three partitions race, the finals tournament held in xiamen tongan district and quanzhou jinjiang, teams to kazakhstan and Cuban boxing seven-player teams, the two countries has nearly 10 games, world championships and inter-continental games champion, is the highest Chinese boxing tournament feast.
    3. Guizhou international boxing open: based on the 2017 XiShui County based on the good cooperation of the people's government, again in 2018, the participating countries will be the selection, including Russia, kazakhstan, Thailand, Japan and other 10 countries fighters and guizhou di gen mamba boxing club in China and xinjiang professional tournament fighter for 4 to 6 round, on-site invited international QuanLian, guizhou province sports bureau and other related leadership programme, is the local focus of guizhou IP international sports events.
    4. The china-asean boxing champion: the event for guangxi autonomous region people's government and datang property of nanning city company custom events, because of the guangxi zhuang autonomous region for the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) core, boxing as the breakthrough point, this year will be themed with the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) communication boxing sports activities, the invitation fighters including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore and other international fighter, and guangxi's boxing, boxing team of yunnan and guizhou provinces surrounding areas such as boxing team players to communicate.

    5. (station WSB) star world boxing league challenge: station WSB star challenge for bo au sports focus this year by the international authorized QuanLian classic international events, will be 2019 station WSB China contestant tryouts, division across tianjin, zhangzhou, and xiamen, will invite the world's leading international players such as Russia, kazakhstan and players in China and China's match against India, format using 5 turn-based, is in the second half of the world boxing stars gathered in the top competitions.






2018 world boxing league (WSB) China group stage

On March 23

Guangxi nanning


2018 world boxing league (WSB) China group stage

On April 6

Guizhou qingzhen


2018 world boxing league (WSB) China group stage

On April 26

Guizhou qingzhen


2018 world boxing championship (WSB) season 8 finals

On September 26th

Tongan, xiamen, fujian


2018 world boxing championship (WSB) season 8 finals

On September 28th

Fujian jinjiang


2018 guizhou international boxing open

October 13th and 14th

Xishui, zunyi, guizhou


2018 world boxing league (WSB) star challenge

On November 16



2018 china-asean boxing championship

November 23rd and 24th

Guangxi nanning


2018 world boxing league (WSB) star challenge

On December 1

Fujian zhangzhou


2018 world boxing league (WSB) star challenge

On December 28

Fujian xiamen


Recruitment information:
Email nikki@ for the following positions
Resume remarks:
1. The position you are applying for
2. Please indicate in the Email subject: applicant's name - department applied - position applied
  • 一、Financial supervisor/accountant

    • Job description:
      1. Responsible for the company's overall accounting treatment, statement preparation, financial analysis and annual audit;
      2. Responsible for tax declaration, invoice issuing and other tax work of the company;
      3. Responsible for daily business audit, process tracking, and cost and expense payment audit;
      4. Responsible for daily asset management, regular inventory, on-site inspection and material management, etc.;
      5. Assisted in the overall budget management, including budget preparation, review, summary, implementation tracking and analysis, etc.;
      6. Assisted in the construction of financial accounting standards, financial management system and internal control system.

      Job requirements:
      1. Bachelor degree (full-time) or above in finance and accounting, with intermediate accountant title and CPA qualification preferred;
      2. More than 3 years financial working experience, with solid financial management knowledge, familiar with new accounting standards, tax law, finance and other relevant laws and regulations knowledge, sports operation, advertising media industry work experience is preferred;
      3. Proficient in using office software and computer application software, and familiar with yonyou financial software;
      4. Good communication and coordination skills, high sense of responsibility and dedication, and the ability to study and research fiscal and tax policies, able to travel on business.
      5. Working place: xiamen

  • 二、Marketing manager/director

    • Job description:
      1. Responsible for formulating the company's marketing plan and budget, and proposing specific implementation plans for marketing, brand, public relations and activities;
      2. Responsible for assisting the Marketing Department to design marketing solutions according to customer needs;
      3. Responsible for the development of the company's website, WeChat official account, weibo and other new media operation objectives and operation plans, and the supervision, control and coordination of the implementation process, and timely adjustment of the operation direction;
      4. Responsible for the evaluation and management of relevant media and suppliers of market promotion;
      5. Responsible for the management of the marketing team.

      Job requirements:
      1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 5 years marketing related working experience, sports industry working experience is preferred;
      2. Rich media and market resources, help the team to develop and expand media resource channels, customer resources are preferred;
      3. Have strong planning and organization ability, understand the process of marketing, strategy customization and brand promotion, and be familiar with the promotion strategies and forms of various Internet forms;
      4. Excellent communication and coordination skills and rich team building experience;
      5. Strong English (oral) communication skills are preferred
      6. Working place: xiamen

  • 三、Marketing planning

    • Job description:
      1. Responsible for brand planning and event planning, coordinating internal and external resources, making plans and implementing them;
      2. Strengthen the content operation and increase the participation, enjoyment and entertainment of the competition through new ways of playing and new ideas;
      3. Assist in cooperation and negotiation with the government and other relevant institutions to find valuable projects.

      Job requirements:
      1. Bachelor degree or above, major in sports, marketing, Chinese and journalism is preferred;
      2. Love sports, familiar with sports, and have the best understanding of fighting sports such as boxing and fighting;
      3. Have good experience in new media operation and copywriting planning, and have the ability to think independently and complete the work;
      4. Have good team spirit, sense of responsibility and strong executive ability.
      5. Working place: xiamen

  • 四、Management trainee

    • Job description:
      As a reserve cadre of the company, train and develop in the direction of market, competition and club operation.

      Job requirements:
      1. Master degree in sports, English, French, journalism, Chinese, economics and management, etc.
      2. Fluent oral English, overseas study background is preferred;
      3. Love sports and can accept long-term business trips (Beijing, Hong Kong, Switzerland, etc.).
      4. Location: xiamen

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